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Chasing The Dream Part 3 - The birth of DownSouthPOV

What do I do? Alan has just given me full access and permission to use his book to create a Dance Show, I think I get the impulsiveness from my mum, Fiona Richardson, just say yes, figure it out as you go. All the content was there in the pages, just had to translate them to movement and music!

The book is the perfect starting point for what is already a beautiful adventure, filled with time travel, smugglers, ships and gun fights, I already knew this would be my biggest challenge yet!

Cameras and drones and skies, oh my!

so its coming to the end of 2016, and I have been into flying FPV drones, what the hell is that? its a small and very fast quadcopter fitted with a security camera that gives a live feed to a pair of googles, making you look like some weird techno geek standing in the middle of a field with what sounds like a swarm of angry hornets flying about!

Example: early days

This opened my world and introduced me to the technology that would change my life!

The DJI Mavic pro!

A very innovative bit of kit that allowed the user to capture 4K stabilised footage and images from up to 400ft, giving us a whole new perspective!

It sounds sad now, but I wasn't earning a lot of money and owning something so expensive was not going to happen, but my beautiful girlfriend obviously saw how much it meant for me to have one and got it for me without me knowing, she has always believed in me and been there to help me follow my dream, and today it was to be a professional drone operator!

So it turns up on our door step, and in disbelief I tore it open, I was officially a kid at Christmas!

after watching hundreds of hours on youtube on how to fly, film and edit. I went straight out and started capturing as much of my surrounding area as I could, infact the St Michaels mount image in the first blog was one of the first images I captured using the Mavic Pro!

This was a huge turning point in my life, I was lucky enough to teach for a living, something that I have loved doing since the age of 16, but this was my way of expressing myself, being able to turn images into what some would call art! (pushing it a bit there Kyle)

Kyle - 'babe.....'

Shanna - *looks*

Kyle - 'I have an idea'

I wanted to start my own media business, it initially started with people wanting print outs of my aerial work, but once I looked into it a bit more, you needed permission from the CAA in order to use drones commercially. Its all or nothing but I couldn't do it alone, so I sketched up some name ideas for the business and came up with a rough business plan

FROM ABOVE, nah too specific, but what should I call it? using my own name was too presumptuous, so I thought, so I decided to turn my hobby channel, DownSouthFPV (first person view) into my business one, Down South Point Of View! It was perfect, it states where I am from without geographically placing us, and says exactly what I aim to do, give people a different perspective or change their point of view.

I had the drone, Thanks babe. now I just needed my license and to establish myself.

Cue Simon Williams

To Be Continued

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