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Chasing The Dream Part 2

Good evening campers,

Where did we get to? Ahh yes! So i had an idea, an idea to start a project based on where i live, and miraculously found the story i was to try and base this project around, The Smugglers Of Mousehole, By Alan Sanders -Clarke, and it was found the very same day! Lucky me yay!

Oh and I happened to find it in a local restaurant called SMUGGLERS DEN, who would of thought?

So while i was downing my second coffee of the day and about to stuff my face with a delightful burger named after a famously deceased pirate, i read the synopsis whilst composing an email to Alan himself all at the same time, indigestion, though I suppose nothing has changed, currently sending the finished film to an ex BBC producer, editing the footage for a 50min long dance show and preparing footage for Golowan Festival all whilst writing this blog.

Anyway, even through all that excitement , i never thought in a million years i would get a reply, i couldn't even begin to know the gravity that this moment would bring, even after rushing home to tell my beautiful girlfriend Shanna 'babe, I've just had an amazing idea' I didn't really know what i had let myself in for, all i know is that the idea was somersaulting around in my head and i just had to get it out, its strange, even if it was for no-one else to see or enjoy, i just had to make..... something!

The Reply!

It was the same day i got a reply from Alan, though in my memory it seemed like a few days after. it seemed as though Alan had gone and done his research before emailing me back, and luckily for me he seemed to approve, goes to show that you are always in the public eye, everything you post, say and do can be seen thanks to social media and the internet.

Email Received:


Alan firstly acknowledged the courage it took to email a complete stranger asking for the rights to something I didn't own, it was scary and I prepared myself for rejection, but I remember before sending SEND, I thought, he can only say no, but at the same time I hoped he would see how much his book inspired me and hopefully take it as a compliment, luckily for me he did!


So Alan gave me full permission to go away and create something with his book, that's a whole story to play with. not only that, but he told me he had skeleton scripts for up to 10 books! its like every creators dream, and Alan was fully on board.

I told myself from that moment, in that one kind gesture that I would do everything I could to stay as true and respectful to the book as possible, This is going to be one hell of a Dance Show!

Intuitive friendships:

Its only happened with two people in my life, and both were involved in this amazing project. I honestly don't remember the first time I met Alan, because when I did it was almost as if I had known him for a lot longer than a few months, I guess the constant email back and forth regarding the project had something to do with it but even on a basic level, we just clicked, we understand each other and have the same morals and ethics, which helps when starting any project with anyone, you need to have trust.

The second you will meet in a future blog and this person is just beautiful in and out!

February 2017

Kyle - 'babe, I have had an amazing idea'

Shanna - *looks sarcastically*

That same look she always gives me when I have one of my 'ideas', where she and I know that either or both of us will need to sell our souls in order for it to happen, and that's what I love about her, she would do it too!

To Be Continued.....

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