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Chasing The Dream Part 1

Well where do I start? It has been a CRAZY month so I may as well start from the beginning.

Its 2016, I am a year into planning and organising my own dance show 'Virus', i made it into a mini performance which was performed in Flambards and Malaysia, I was almost ready to take it to the next stage!

until I realised something.

What am I doing this for?

It's something I often forget to ask myself when I am going with the flow or following a trend I tend to just, switch off and go into autopilot, usually ending with the same result.

It was a beautiful sunny day in Cornwall, where I live, and I had the window wide open driving down the A30 heading towards my next job, teaching school children how to breakdance. I know, you can't really call it a job, but it was mine and I love it. I love teaching and I love where I live! ...... wait.....THATS IT!

I answered my own unknown question, why am I not doing something as a tribute to where I live? this place I love so much, the place I am bringing up my family and trying to create a future for myself in, Cornwall, that's what I need this next project to be about.

The very same day I had this epiphany, I found it, the very thing that I needed to find. and it was in the form of a book, written by a man in the form of a human, called Alan.


If you have ever had De Ja Vu, I think I had the reverse, everything this book had to offer flashed through my head, the synopsis echoing like a choir, an ensemble, ITS PERFECT. I must email the author right away, firstly to congratulate him, and secondly to ask for his permission to bring it to life!


I send the email, and to my surprise I get a response from Alan Sanders-Clarke himself......

To Be Continued....

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